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Annette Elliss

Annette Elliss had the role of Treasurer from 2004 until 2015. In that time she set up computerised financial records so that it is easy to dissect income and expenses for each concert and give a smooth changeover to her successors. As the Orchestra has grown and been able to employ an Orchestra Manager she has set up ... More

Suzanne Darrigan

Barrier Reef Orchestra stalwart Suzanne Darrigan was excited to be in the first BRO event playing horn in 2001 and has played horn and trumpet in BRO ever since. In fact she has missed only one concert (in March 2014) which was remarked on in the newsletter. Sue has helped to find musicians for the rest of the brass ... More

Simon McConnell

Simon McConnell agreed to be President in 2006 when the Orchestra was in danger of folding as it had been without a Chair for 5½ months after an AGM. He concentrated at first on building up the finances as he saw how lack of money limited the Orchestra. The first major sponsor to come onboard was Queensland Nickel whose ... More

Angela Summers


Wyana O’Keeffe

Wyana is a vibrant and versatile Percussionist, Educator and Conductor with a passion for sharing her love of music and music making. Wyana began her musical journey, learning piano as a young child. She started playing percussion in high school and went on to study the instrument at the University of Western Australia ... More

Emma Pask

Award winning vocalist Emma Pask has firmly established herself as one of Australia’s favourite voices in Jazz. Her talent was first spotted by multi instrumentalist James Morrison during one of his regular visits to high schools when she was just 16 years old. Emma first sang with James’ band that night and their ... More

Sean O’Boyle

Sean O’Boyle is a composer, arranger and conductor with a particular interest ... More

John Hopkins OBE

Professor John Hopkins OBE was involved with the Orchestra from its earliest days and in its March 2005 Newsletter, North Queensland Ensembles announced that he had agreed to be Founding Patron of the Orchestra. He is a very distinguished musician who is enthusiastic, indeed passionate, about working with community ... More

Emily Matthews

Emily writes: “I was honoured to be one of the recipients of the Barrier Reef Orchestra Encouragement Award last year, it came as a big surprise! This past year I have spent the total amount of the award on a variety of musical equipment. These include an instrument microphone and cable for use at church, as I play in ... More

Ruby Ansic

Ruby writes: At the end of 2015, the Barrier Reef Orchestra very generously awarded me with the encouragement award for my involvement throughout the year as a percussion player. It was quite a surprise considering I spend most of my time sitting back and counting bars until I have maybe one triangle beat before continuing ... More