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Sean O’Boyle

Sean O’Boyle is a composer, arranger and conductor with a particular interest ... More

John Hopkins OBE

Professor John Hopkins OBE was involved with the Orchestra from its earliest days and in its March 2005 Newsletter, North Queensland Ensembles announced that he had agreed to be Founding Patron of the Orchestra. He is a very distinguished musician who is enthusiastic, indeed passionate, about working with community ... More

Emily Matthews

Emily writes: “I was honoured to be one of the recipients of the Barrier Reef Orchestra Encouragement Award last year, it came as a big surprise! This past year I have spent the total amount of the award on a variety of musical equipment. These include an instrument microphone and cable for use at church, as I play in ... More

Ruby Ansic

Ruby writes: At the end of 2015, the Barrier Reef Orchestra very generously awarded me with the encouragement award for my involvement throughout the year as a percussion player. It was quite a surprise considering I spend most of my time sitting back and counting bars until I have maybe one triangle beat before continuing ... More

Bianca Bacchiella

Bianca writes: I would like to thank the Barrier Reef Orchestra for giving me this Encouragement Award. The Encouragement award was very helpful for me because it allowed me to travel and meet wonderful musicians and also to make friends with similar interests. The Barrier Reef Orchestra has been not only a great way ... More

Olivia Adcock

Olivia writes: I am very grateful to have received this Encouragement Award from BRO, and am keen to put the money to good use. As I don’t currently own my own instrument (I play double bass), I have been saving up for a number of years to purchase my own, and this $500 will go towards the cost of buying a double bass. ... More

Richard Davis

Richard Davis is presently Chief Conductor and Head of Orchestral Studies at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. He regularly conducts orchestras, such as Queensland Symphony and BBC Philharmonic, in concerts, recordings, national radio broadcasts and on television. Richard Davis has also directed operas and requiem ... More

Andrew Ryder


Lara Herlambang

Lara was the recipient of a BRO Encouragement Award in 2019. Lara recently received the Theodore Kuchar Scholarship for this year, and also completed her AMEB Grade 8 exam this year. Her attendance at rehearsals has been very consistent, and her enthusiasm to be involved in the BRO is very evident. More

Francesca Adcock

Francesca was the recipient of a BRO Encouragement Award in 2019. Francesca played 1st oboe for the first time in the BRO this year (at the AFCM Concert) and "nailed" the famous Cor Anglais solo in the Dvorak Symphony in the March Concert. Francesca has been consistently attending rehearsals, and shown great improvement ... More