Encouragement Awards

The purpose of the Encouragement Award is to foster the pursuit of excellence and dedication in young musicians by giving particular recognition to commitment, musicality and contribution to the overall musical aims of the Barrier Reef Orchestra.  The annual Awards shall consist of a monetary grant.  Awardees:

  1. will have displayed consistent attendance at rehearsals and performances during the whole of the assessment cycle, unless other reasonable factors have limited participation.
  2. must be no more than 25 years of age at time the Award winners are announced.
  3. must be financial members of North Queensland Ensembles Inc. for the year in which the Award is made.

Within these limitations, all players with the Orchestra are eligible for consideration.


Congratulations to the recipients of the BRO Encouragement Awards for 2022: Ally Quin (percussion) and Chinsia Burns (violin).

Ally Quin
Ally writes...
Chinsia Burns
Chinsia writes...


Congratulations to the recipient of the BRO Encouragement Award for 2021: Bridget Wegner (viola).

Bridget Wegner
Bridget writes...


Congratulations to the recipients of the BRO Encouragement Awards for 2019: Francesca Adcock (oboe and cor anglais) and Lara Herlambang (violin).

Francesca Adcock
Flute / Oboe / Cor Anglais
Francesca played 1st oboe...
Lara Herlambang
Lara received the Theodore ...


Congratulations to the recipients of the BRO Encouragement Awards for 2018: Lachlan Cutler (trombone) and Angus Marsh-Brown (French horn).

Angus Marsh-Brown
French Horn
Angus writes....
Lachlan Cutler
Lachlan Cutler writes ...


Congratulations to the recipients of the BRO Encouragement Awards for 2017: Annie Doherty (French Horn) and Aidan Fitzgerald (Viola).

Aidan Fitzgerald
Aidan writes...
Annie Doherty
French Horn
Annie writes…


The Barrier Reef Orchestra is blessed with a strong cohort of young musicians, who play a vital part in the growth and longevity of the ensemble. They never cease to amaze us with their talent, enthusiasm, and rigorous work ethic. A massive congratulations to our two Young Encouragement Award recipients for 2016 Elena James (Violin) and Daniel Harley (Horn). These two players have shown enormous dedication to their craft and to the Barrier Reef Orchestra. We wish them both the very best in their studies and look forward to seeing them next year for our 2017 season!

Daniel Harley
French Horn
Daniel writes...
Elena James
Elena writes...


Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Encouragement Awards, Ruby Ansic (Percussion) and Emily Matthews (Viola).

Emily Matthews
Emily writes...
Ruby Ansic
Ruby writes...


Congratulations to the 2014 Award Recipients: Olivia Adcock (Double Bass and Flute) and Bianca Bacchiella (Violin and Bassoon).

Bianca Bacchiella
Bassoon / Violin
Bianca writes...
Olivia Adcock
Double Bass
Olivia writes...


Congratulations to the 2013 Award Recipients: Alexandra Gorton (Violin) and Craig Land (Clarinet).

Alexandra Gorton
Lexi writes...
Craig Land
Craig writes...