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Craig Land

Craig Land – clarinettist – was awarded an Encouragement Award in 2013. Craig performed in all three concerts; the only Year 12 student to play during heavy assessment period; excellent rehearsal attendance record; capably played in first clarinet position for the first time. Craig writes: I have spent the ... More

Alexandra Gorton

Alexandra Gorton – leader of the second violins – was awarded an Encouragement Award in 2013. Lexi performed in all three concerts and played in ANZAC Park; excellent rehearsal attendance record; often early to help set up; worked hard on her part; capably led the second violins for the first time; nominated by ... More

Olivia Adcock

Olivia was the recipient of an Encouragement Award in 2014. Olivia writes: I am very grateful to have received this Encouragement Award from BRO, and am keen to put the money to good use. As I don’t currently own my own instrument (I play double bass), I have been saving up for a number of years to purchase my ... More

Bianca Bacchiella

Bianca was the recipient of an Encouragement Award in 2014. Bianca writes: I would like to thank the Barrier Reef Orchestra for giving me this Encouragement Award. The Encouragement award was very helpful for me because it allowed me to travel and meet wonderful musicians and also to make friends with similar ... More

Emily Matthews

Emily was the recipient of an Encouragement Award in 2015. Emily writes: “I was honoured to be one of the recipients of the Barrier Reef Orchestra Encouragement Award last year, it came as a big surprise! This past year I have spent the total amount of the award on a variety of musical equipment. These include an ... More

Ruby Ansic

Ruby was the recipient of an Encouragement Award in 2015. Ruby writes: At the end of 2015, the Barrier Reef Orchestra very generously awarded me with the encouragement award for my involvement throughout the year as a percussion player. It was quite a surprise considering I spend most of my time sitting back and ... More

Elena James

Elena James writes: Playing with the Barrier Reef Orchestra has always been an immensely pleasurable experience which has given me an enormous amount of confidence and motivation. Since joining the BRO in 2015, I have continually striven to take my violin playing to the next level and as such, I am honoured to have ... More

Daniel Harley

Daniel Harley writes: I started learning the French Horn in grade five and have participated in various music workshops and honour camps over the following years. In grade six I was involved in the WestCent Honours Music Camp where I was introduced to a specialist French Horn tutor who was also the conductor of the ... More

Aidan Fitzgerald

Aidan was the recipient of a BRO Encouragement Award in 2017. Aidan writes… Throughout my time in Townsville I have loved being a part of the Barrier Reef Orchestra. It has given me an avenue to channel my love of music and performance throughout university, something I sorely missed. The BRO Encouragement award ... More

Annie Doherty

Annie was the recipient of a BRO Encouragement Award in 2017. Annie Doherty (left) is seen here with with her sisters, Rosie and Margot, who all play in the Orchestra. Annie writes… I have been playing the French horn for little over eight years now, and I have never enjoyed it so much as when playing with the ... More