Chinsia Burns


I would just like to say a huge thankyou to Stephen, Sally, and the entire Barrier Reef Orchestra community. I cannot express how grateful I am for having won this award and how much it has contributed towards my music career path. Making such a big move away from home to pursue my passion is definitely going to be very challenging, having to leave my family, be away from the town I have grown up in and of course the financial aspect. However, with this extremely generous contribution, this has definitely helped towards this major step in my life.

I have always been told by multiple teachers that I am in need of a better bow, and I have always felt that way also. I was very privileged this year to have used the beautiful scholarship violin at my school (Pimlico State High School), which I absolutely love the sound that it produces and the ease of playing it. However, finding the right bow to accompany this instrument has been difficult. I hope to attend the Queensland Conservatorium next year and may be able to borrow one of the instruments there, however, I would need to purchase my own bow. Therefore, I will be using this money towards a new, great quality bow and finally be more comfortable with playing.

Thank you for all the wonderful experiences that I have been given from being part of the Barrier Reef Orchestra family for the past 2 years.