Ally Quin


Thank you to everyone at the Barrier Reef Orchestra, for the Encouragement Award, and also for the incredible skills I’ve learnt and fantastic people I’ve met through this amazing opportunity.

In terms of the award, I have purchased a pair of Shure in-ear monitors in order to progress my capability to perform accurately. Usually I use foldback speakers to hear my performance and keep in time, but that can damage hearing and is often inaccurate, so this is a solution that will progress my ability to play music whilst also taking care of my aural health. I’m also considering purchasing some cymbals for my drumkit and a set of vibraphone mallets to add to my percussion kit bag.

BRO has allowed me to gain a lot of valuable experiences and skills that have helped me to achieve my goal of attending the Queensland Conservatorium in 2023. Thank you, I am very grateful for your support and encouragement during my time with BRO.