Bridget Wegner


Bridget was the recipient of a BRO Encouragement Award in 2021

The Barrier Reef Orchestra was my first experience playing in a symphony orchestra and I have always looked forward to rehearsals every week since joining in 2020. It’s an amazing environment to meet like minded people who are passionate about music from all throughout the community, and the music we play is so challenging and enriching. I’m very grateful to play in the BRO and even more so to be awarded the 2021 encouragement award.

I recently used the award towards purchasing a new Manoel Francisco bow, which I’ve found has improved my sound and has made playing a lot easier. The new bow is also making me approach techniques differently and is helping me to push my playing further. Thank you to the BRO for the generous award which has given me the ability to consider purchasing such a high quality bow like this!