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Review: Stage and Screen on 27th October 2018

by Trevor Keeling With all the indications of a Royal Albert Hall Prom Night, the Barrier Reef Orchestra under the baton of Richard Davis was a triumphant evening of delight on Saturday evening for the concert entitled Stage and Screen. An orchestra is something that regional cities in Australia struggle to create ... More

Review: Music from Stage & Screen on 27th October 2018

by Billie Saint Rang The last 2018 concert from the Barrier Reef Orchestra (with friends) was a sensation. Our musicians shone in their collaboration with some notable supremoes from the Queensland Orchestra. The night attracted the young(er) turnout and they, along with the BRO’s loyal concert-goers, packed the ... More

Review – A Musical Feast on 7th November 2015

A musical feast was somewhat of a fabulous dinner dance with four lively dances of the Slavonic and Hungarian kind included. The opening Slavonic Dances Numbers 1 and 8 by Anton Dvorak were an indication of the feast to follow.  The rhythm and exuberance was conveyed so well we didn’t need to actually see the ... More

Review – World Music Concert on 5th September 2015

The World Music Concert was a breath of fresh air to Townsville music lovers who had just about reached classical music saturation following AFCM. Andrew Ryder poured his expertise and enthusiasm into this opportunity provided through Townsville City Council sponsorship. Andrew developed the concept for the concert; ... More