Photo of the orchestra after playing Stage and Screen

Review: Stage and Screen on 27th October 2018

by Trevor Keeling With all the indications of a Royal Albert Hall Prom Night, the Barrier Reef Orchestra under the baton of Richard Davis was a triumphant evening of delight on Saturday evening for the concert entitled Stage and Screen. An orchestra is something that regional cities in Australia struggle to create ... More

Review: Music from Stage & Screen on 27th October 2018

by Billie Saint Rang The last 2018 concert from the Barrier Reef Orchestra (with friends) was a sensation. Our musicians shone in their collaboration with some notable supremoes from the Queensland Orchestra. The night attracted the young(er) turnout and they, along with the BRO’s loyal concert-goers, packed the ... More

Review: Sacred & Secular on 18th August 2018

The uncertainty of availability of a venue led the Orchestra to consider something different in 2018. The availability of a Pipe Organ in the St. James Cathedral brought to mind many beautiful pieces written for the Organ and Orchestra, consequently presenting a concert in the Cathedral almost wrote the program for the ... More

Review: AFCM Queens Gardens Concert on 29th July 2018

Once again Townsvillians and their visitors from all over the world gathered under the figs, milky pines and tamarinds for a concert in Queens Gardens to participate in and listen to some enjoyable music written over the centuries. This concert, in its fourth year, is arranged by the Australian Festival of Chamber Music ... More

Review: English Landscapes on 24th March 2018

So, what entices you to attend a BRO concert?  Those who do not receive emails about forthcoming concerts depend on the banners that regularly appear on fences in various throughout our city. Well, it falls to the hard-working Simon who strides out in all weathers to attach those banners and remove them. Our sincere ... More

Review: Evening Serenade on 28th October 2017

by Billie Saint Rang BRO’s last performance for 2017, Evening Serenade, was another outstanding concert achievement, rounding off the already successful orchestral season. Our largest audience to date was presented with an evening of items familiar to listeners of the classical hit parade, some operatic arias, and ... More

Review – Beethoven on 19th August 2017

No need for any fancy title for this concert. Three solid pieces by one of the best known classical composers could be announced simply by his name. What a feast it was for Beethoven lovers. The BRO just seems to keep getting better. The works in this concert are very demanding in both technical skill and stamina and the ... More

Review – AFCM Queens Garden Concert on 30th July 2017

Keeping up a Tradition - Australian Festival of Chamber Music Queens Gardens Concert Does a concert in Queens Garden's each year for three years constitute a tradition? Let's hope so because we were treated to another high quality, varied and enjoyable concert organised by the AFCM this year at the end of July.  The ... More

Review – Bohemian Classics on 12th March 2017

The early start to this concert saw many true followers of the Barrier Reef Orchestra prepare for a night of musical delights by wining and dining at the theatre. A diverse crowd of parents and player relatives, along with regular and new music lovers, confirmed the Bohemian Classics as one of the BRO’s largest audienc... More

Review – BRO goes to the Opera on 22nd October 2016

REVIEW - Barrier Reef Orchestra Goes to the Opera In keeping with the title of the recital there was the sprinkling of bling and suits on show in the foyer and bar at the Civic Theatre prior to the orchestra’s last concert for 2016.  The audience numbered almost 500, including a good turnout of children for an ... More