BRO owns a French Horn!

One of the great features of the school music programs in Queensland is the way in which schools can often provide instruments for students to learn on and play in performances. Some are too awkward for families to manage and often they are too expensive for a family to buy, especially when their child is learning and may not commit to a long-term enjoyment and desire to play at the level of an orchestra. Unfortunately, BRO sometimes has the situation where a skilled young player graduates from high school and no longer has access to an instrument of the quality necessary for concert performances. Sadly, such players are often lost to the orchestra.

So, it is encouraging and timely that a member of the Barrier Reef Orchestra wider community should make available the money for BRO to buy a refurbished French Horn and enable a young player to take part in the April concert. How splendid to hear not just three but four horns and to think that a budding performance career that might have been cut short has been extended in such a way.

The BRO Management Committee was very appreciative of this gift and will continue to explore ways of helping to keep players equipped to participate and perhaps to find means to help them bridge the gap in buying instruments of their own. Many a life journey of making music with and for others never really makes it past school days. This purchase is a very positive step towards extending one of those journeys.

Lilli Robinson, a new player with BRO, at the
Civic Theatre with our recently acquired French Horn.